The Main Approaches Of Language Essay

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There have always been two major approaches of language. There is the prescriptive approach where the prescriptive linguist believes that there is a way that language should be spoken and written. On the other hand, there is the descriptive approach where the descriptive linguist thinks that a language is the way native speakers of the language use it and the way they agree upon. The issue of whether putting relational words toward the end is adequate or not has the two methodologies debating if the rule should be a rule since the usage of the language in reality contradicts the rule. The speakers of the dialect are consummation sentences and provisos with a relational word, however the first manage says to never end a sentence with a relational word. This made a progressing wrangle about whether ending a sentence with a relational word is adequate or not. To better comprehend this perplexity, one must comprehend what a relational word is. The most fundamental definition of preposition is giving by Spear as he defines preposition as “a word that is used to create a relationship between a noun and other words in a sentence“ (77) . Probably the most widely recognized relational words are: on, in, to, by, for, with, at, of, from, as, under, over, about, above, beneath, behind, and between. Also, the general rule is that preposition stand before the word it governs. However, there are some grammarians and linguists and language experts who think that placing prepositions at the
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