The Main Beneficiary In Shakespeare’S Will Was Susanna,

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The main beneficiary in Shakespeare’s will was Susanna, his oldest daughter. There are many of his plays, especially his later works, that reflect loving yet occasionally strained father-daughter relationships. From this it is easy to gather that Shakespeare adored Susanna and loved her dearly. Had he not adored her, she more than likely would not have been mentioned in his will as often as she was and he would not have written plays based on her. William Shakespeare is credited with writing several plays throughout his lifetime. Some are certainly more well known than others. Shakespeare wrote comedies such as Tempest, Twelfth Night, and Midsummer Night’s Dream. Some examples of his tragedies include Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth.…show more content…
Much is unknown about Fletcher, however. Though he was well known during his lifetime, his work is not as highly praised now as Shakespeare’s work is. Fletcher’s talent at playwriting was “overshadowed by the colossal genius of Shakespeare”(The Independent, 1). He is even referred to as “a forgotten man who became Shakespeare 's friend, co-writer and creative inspiration”(The Independent, 1). John Fletcher was perhaps a rival of Shakespeare, who posed as major competition for him. It is likely that Shakespeare knew of the potential Fletcher possessed for playwriting, which pushed him much harder than he had ever been pushed before. Shakespeare would then have to step up and work harder for his reputation as a playwright since someone else, who was younger and more modern at the time, had the potential to write plays as great or perhaps greater than any Shakespeare had written. This happened at a very good time, however. Shakespeare had a bit of a crisis as he aged because he was no longer seen as the most popular playwright of his time. He was about forty-eight years old at the time, seeing as it was around the year 1610. He considered leaving London before his retirement and discontinue his playwriting career. This was until he began working with John Fletcher. Perhaps they were extremely Petross 6 competitive, but it never stopped Fletcher from trying to help Shakespeare out of his playwriting rut. Although

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