The Main Cause Of World War II

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The main cause of world war 2 was the treaty of Versailles. This treaty was signed my German leaders; they agreed to minimize their army, give up battleships and submarines, pay twenty-three billion U.S. dollars in reparations and back their forces out of the Rhineland. The Rhineland was the land between Germany and France. The Germans had to back out of this land because the French did not feel safe with the Germans on the border because during ww2 the Germans invaded France and conquered almost half of France. When Hitler took over Germany as the chancellor he had to find a way to spread his ideas so the German government took control of everything; music, art, radio, newspaper, any form of press within Germany. The propaganda was…show more content…
Second, the Europeans would start to relocate the Jews into the Ghettos. The Ghetto were small communities where about four families would live in one house together. Third, the Europeans would have Jews moved from the ghettos to the concentration camps. The concentration camps where the Jews would be sent to do labor, get a very small amount of food and then they would die. Sometimes the Jews would die from starvation and natural causes but others would be killed in gas chambers or they would be shot. The Nuremberg laws identified you as a Jew by your grandparents and your parents. If a person was a German blood they would have four grandparents with German ancestry. If the person was cross bred they would have one or two grandparents that are Jewish. If a person was a Jew then they would have three of four grandparents that are Jewish. The Europeans considered the Aryans as the superior race. The Aryans were identified as blond hair, blue eyes and light skin. One thing that Germans would do is sterilize. When the Jews got to the concentration camps the children and elderly would be the first to be sterilized. This means that the people would not be able to have children and this would cause the stop of the religion from spreading. The mentally ill and the physically disabled would be sterilized as well. They would sterilize these people because they wanted the mass population to be pure and that would mean that

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