The Main Causes Of The Mexican American War

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The Mexican-American War was the first battle the United States participated in that took place mainly on foreign soil. One of the main causes of the war was the belief in manifest destiny that many Americans held. By the end of the mexican-american war Mexico had lost about one-third of its land. Disputes over whether or not slavery should be legal in these new territories became more heated and eventually led to the American Civil War. In 1821 Mexico received its independence from Spain, during this time Texas was owned by Mexico. Americans and other settlers were allowed to settle in Texas. Eventually more Americans than mexicans lived in Texas. Disputes over the new government leaders led to a battle between texas and mexico. After this battle Texas declared itself an independent country and in 1845 it was admitted into the United States. Mexico however did not recognize its independence or annexation into the United States. In 1846 Mexican cavalry attacked U.S soldiers in a disputed zone, killing over a dozen soldiers. The Mexican army then began to lay siege to an American fort along the Rio Grande. Reinforcements were called in and the United States was able to defeat the Mexican army at the battles of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma. A month later Congress officially declared war despite opposition from congressman from the North. Mexico did not make any official declaration of war. At the time of the Mexican-American war only 75,000 mexican citizens lived North
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