The Main Causes and Implications of Perpetual Distortions and Errors

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The fundamental role in management is attaining predetermined objectives through cooperation of staff and other parties. Organizations therefore attain their goals by utilizing the competence of their employees and this mostly applies to the executive members who are mandated with the responsibility of overseeing the development of the company’s priorities. However, there are instances when the employees at any level in the organization may experience problems due to distortions, which may cause errors and in the process compromise the goals and priorities of an organization. One of the possible causes of errors is failure to accept personal responsibility. The executive members for example are faced with many challenges of making the…show more content…
Since the members working for an organization are limited by its framework, they generate different cultures and activities that may be unacceptable to the organizations’ diverse branches. The availability of perception distortions causes the employees to develop mixed attitudes towards their colleagues who work in different units of the organization. Misguided conclusions and assumptions are also developed through perception distortion and they cause employees to not only differ with their colleagues, but also with the entire corporation. For this reason, the organization structure and framework should be considered as the potential influence brought about by perpetual distortions. The physical and social environment, within which employees work, is another possible source of perpetual distortion. This is mainly because employees relate to other persons and the environment. For this reason, staff members would be affected if the environment within which they work does not fit their needs and expectations. Rude workforce may lead to disintegration and reduced cooperation and coordination. An antisocial or discriminative environment could cause a communication breakdown and this may lead to organizational collapse; because problems and challenges would barely be communicated to the relevant persons (Joyce & Woods 2010). The social and physical environment may encourage

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