The Main Causes of Low Sales and Profit at Alrai Ltd

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Alrai has entered the building and housing sector from many different angles, now they have a precast plant, a concrete mixing plant, and a land trading business, all located in Iraq.

Alrai was established on March, 1992 as a group of trading, industrial and construction companies, after few years they quickly expanded their market share by adding new agencies and industries and now they own 3 factories in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan but they all are exporting to Iraq only.

Alrai now has operations in Syria and Jordan but is very limited as their major focus is on the Iraqi Market, the operations in Syria and Jordan are almost non-existing but at least they have introduced their business by opening an office in Amman-Jordan, and 2 offices in Adra Industrial Zone-Syria and in Kaffar Susa-Syria and because of a decrease in the 2011 sales rate of the precast business, they decided to expand it to Jordanian market.

In order to manage the volatility of this market Alrai management took several measures and have been considering to develop new marketing strategy by trying to cover more than one market to assure stability and to build…
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