The Main Characteristics Of Emerging Markets

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The main characteristics of ‘emerging markets’

In recent years,there has been a growing concern about the emerging markets,and it is kind of new economic markets in developing countries which likes mature markets but does not meet a criterion of it,and emerging markets is a relevant concept when it comes to the developed countries.While a variety of definitions of the term of emerging markets have been suggested,this essay will use the definition suggested by Arnold and Quelch(1998)who saw it as countries that satisfy two standards,first is a rapid pace of economics increasing,and second is government policies supporting economic liberalisation and the adoption of a free-market system.

This essay attempts to focus on five main characteristics of emerging markets which consists of:first,high growth and high returns,second,increasing of investment,third,high volatility,fourth,capital markets are less mature than developed countries,and the last characteristic is lower than average per capita.These characteristics would be explained in details and be given some examples to support them,and in comparison with mature fair,followed by a discussion of the impact about the new markets to country.

The background of ‘emerging markets’
First of all, before the emerging markets began to growth rapidly, it have gone through a long period of development,from the second world war to the 80s or 90s twentieth Century, there were thirty or forty years. Countries such as
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