The Main Characteristics Of Emerson 's Ideal Education

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1. In the essay “Education,” Emerson states his views of an ideal education. Respect, genius, and drill are the main characteristics of Emerson’s ideal education. Emerson believes that respect is needed in education. When speaking about respect Emerson does not solely mean from student to teacher, but also from teacher to student. “Respect the child. Wait and see the new product of nature.” (102) Emerson states that there are two main factors that must be balanced in education. The two facts are “Genius and Drill.” Emerson thinks in an ideal educational setting students will be rewarded for exploring new material. Drill is needed to balance the student. In order to maximize the learning of the student they must follow certain rules of…show more content…
Emerson believes that teachers have to teach quickly and to many students, and this does not allow them to teach as well.
6. While reading the essay I noticed how Emerson used masculine pronouns to refer to students. This essay was written about 200 years ago. It is understandable that Emerson would use only male pronouns. Very few women were being highly educated at this time. In modern times we have women and men reaching the same height of academic successes. Readers should understand that there are social differences, but Emerson’s ideas still hold true today. It may be hard for a woman who reads this in the 21st century to agree with Emerson at first. If this woman were to think more critically about what Emerson is saying, and not the pronouns used to describe it they would most likely agree with his ideals. However, it is sometimes hard for people to ignore the sexism and only pay attention the ideals.
7. Emerson believes that an adult who is educated through his system would be a great scholar. “Talk of Columbus and Newton!” He believes not only would they be a genius, but they would know how to act in society. They would be very proper, while also very smart. They would be a very respectable person in society too. Emerson believes they would be the start of a revolution of mankind. Questions on Rhetoric and Style
6. Emerson uses many rhetorical questions in paragraph 13. His first
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