Essay about The Main Component in the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks

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You can go through any school in the country and ask if any students know who Rosa Parks is. The majority of these students will say that she refused to give up her seat up to a non colored man. These students really don't know how impactful her decision had on the United States of America. She was really the main component of the civil rights movement and that’s why she is known as the “mother of the civil rights movement”. She stood up for what she believed in, and in doing that she sparked and created the stepping stones to the civil rights movement era.
Rosa Parks was a african american civil rights rights movement activist, and she was known as the “mother of the freedom movement”. Rosa Louise McCauley was born in tuskegee, Alabama
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But sadly enough the NAACP wasn’t getting the publicity from the court cases they pursued, in the areas they lost majority of their cases mostly had to involve in lynching, flogging, peonage, murder and rape. Rosa Parks did a lot to help with the NAACP but she didn't gain the attention or really stand out(Haskins). I will be explaining why the Montgomery bus boycott movement began and how it came about to really jumpstart the civil rights movement that greatly affects us today.

During alabama in this time the law for bus riding for african americans was that they had to pay their fare in the front of the bus then walk out to the rear entrance and sit in the back of the bus, they were not allowed to sit toward the front, according to Mary Hall an american author who wrote the biography of Rosa Parks (Hull). Also african americans weren't allowed to sit until all the white passengers were seated first, and that forces them to seat farther back or just stand until they arrive to their stop. What also is ridiculous is that is that they are not allowed to sit across from the whites in the same row (Academy of Achievement). Even throughout all these rules, some bus drivers would just close their doors and take off before they get on leaving them stranded to find another bus for transportation.

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In 1955 Rosa Parks was coming home from her occupation as a seamstress, and she was planning to use the montgomery bus station. She boarded the bus and
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