The Main Contributions to Charles Dickens' Popularity

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One author from this period, however, stands out in all respects of the word. His personal life, written works, and social commentary attribute to the widespread popularity that Charles Dickens managed to accumulate even after his death. He has been the subject of countless hours of research, studies, and literary critiques; regardless of one’s personal opinion, it is impossible to doubt the significance of Dickens and his entire collection of work. Mr. Dickens had an inexplicable gift which allowed him to write and convey some of the greatest stories of that time period, as well as having crafted interesting and memorable characters that have also been subject to study, even in the twenty-first century. Charles Dickens is, without a doubt, an irreplaceable man, a part of literary history who continues to assert his importance through the continued survival and appreciation of his works.
Early Life and Beginnings as a Writer

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born in Portsmouth, Portsea Island, England on 7 February 1812, son of John and Elizabeth Dickens. His father (John Dickens) worked in the Naval Pay Office as a clerk, but aspired to greater things, hoping to ultimately strike it big and become rich. His mother (Elizabeth Dickens nee Barrow) hoped to be a teacher and, later, a school director. Dicken’s…

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