The Main Difference Between Manager and Entrepreneur

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Introduction Up to now the role of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture in economic and social development has been diluted. Nevertheless, over the years it has become obvious that entrepreneurship has grown in importance and that it indeed contributes to economic well being. Converting ideas into successful economic opportunities is the main essence of entrepreneurship. If we cast an eye over the past, the economic momentum has been substantially advanced by pragmatic individuals who are creative and innovative, able to utilize opportunities and willing to take risks. Whatever the definition of entrepreneurship, it is associated with creativity, literacy, innovation and change that are in turn vital for competitiveness in the wake…show more content…
Particularly, in one of his hypothesises, he says that education will be positively associated with entrepreneurial intentions. Whereas in another one he says that subjects with a parent who is an entrepreneur will have higher entrepreneurial intentions than those whose parents are not entrepreneurs. Again these hypothesises have an implication that an assumption - ‘‘entrepreneurs are born, not made’’ - is misleading. Bandura (1975) in his book ‘‘Social Theory’’ states that personal and environmental influences are interdependent. For example, professors do not influence students unless they attend their classes or books do not affect people unless they read them, and punishing effects remain inactive unless activated by conditional performances. In the same manner, personal determinants are only potentialities that do not act as influences until they are activated. Individuals who can communicate knowledgeably about particular issues can have an impact on others if they speak but not remain silent, regardless of whether they possess the means to do so. Therefore, according to Bandura ‘behaviour partly determines which of the many potential environmental influences will come into play and what forms they will take; environmental influences, in turn, partly determine which behavioural repertoires are developed and activated’. Similarly, one’s entrepreneurial skills or abilities remain rudimentary unless, he or she acquires appropriate knowledge. In regard of
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