The Main Disagreements Between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties

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The Main Disagreements Between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties

The three main parties in UK politics, Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, are all based on greatly differing ideologies which can often lead to them having varying viewpoints on key issues. These differences can often lead to conflicts or disagreements between the parties over which policy will be most beneficial to the country.

A particularly controversial and fiercely contested issue is the role of the United Kingdom in the future of the European Union. The Labour party are often considered to be pro-Europe although their policies do tend to keep Britain's interests at heart. Their priorities for Europe
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Like Labour, Liberals argue that the EU must be enlarged to guarantee its future survival although, unlike Labour, they do feel that EU institutions must be made more efficient.

Another controversial political issue is that of constitutional reform. The Liberal Democrat and Labour policies in this area are very similar in the way that they both believe in devolution of power away from Westminster through regional assemblies. Both parties feel that many of the current political systems are outdated and must be modernised if political participation is to rise. The parties do differ however, on taxes. Labour have always strived to keep taxes as low as possible whilst attempting to strike a balance with good public services. The Liberal Democrats feel this can only be achieved if taxes are raised, therefore making the public pay for the improvements. As with the EU, Conservatives have greatly differing policies from the other two parties. They believe in the preservation of national sovereignty and traditional political methods. They are strongly opposed to the devolution proposed by the other parties and this even extends to Northern Ireland, which the Conservatives believe should be ruled from London.

The whole issue of the welfare state and how much the state should provide for its people has been argued over
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