The Main Element Of The Philosophy Of Right

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Although the Element of the Philosophy of Right is described as political philosophy, the text’s primary concept is freedom. Hegel’s dominant claim is that free will is the only way in which right is pertinent to philosophical science. He describes will as the ability to convey concepts into existence. The will exists solely when an action is brought forward and only in those who are self-conscious. The origin of right is crafted by the free will that expresses freedom, which Hegel states is the goal of right. Hegel affirms that the will is free. “When the will has universality, or itself as infinite form, as its content, object [Gegenstand], and end, it is free not only it itself but also for itself- it is the Idea in its truth.” (Hegel…show more content…
He proves this by stating, “the will 's subjective being-for-itself and its being-in-itself, or between its exclusive and resolving individuality [on the one hand] and its universality itself” (Hegel 1991:24) Hegel is proposing that the natural will is only free in its concept due to the fact that it has not yet fully comprehended its freedom.
Hegel disagrees with some of Kant’s ideas regarding morality and social institutions. Hegel believes that our right is depended on rational institutions and that people cannot fathom maximal freedom due to the confusion of how it is truly achieved, while Kant thinks that the construction of social institution ought to maximize personal freedom under the universal law.
This can be shown as Hegel writes, “Arbitrariness may indeed be called a delusion if it is supposed to be equivalent to freedom. In all as in that of Kant and subsequently in Fries 's utterly superficial revision of it, freedom is nothing other than this formal self-activity” (Hegel 1991:15)
Hegel’s argument for property is that every person has the right to property and therefore ought to respect the property of others. He refers to a contract with the other person will and comprehension of freedom. This contract

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