Naked Economics Chapter 6 Analysis

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In the twelve key elements of economics, the second element states, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” The author described how spending money on one particular thing means that we are sacrificing the chance to spend money on something else or if we do one specific thing, we give up the chance to do something else. In chapter nine, Schiff used an allegory to illustrate this same idea. The allegory he used was when the senator, Franky Deep, realized the people enjoyed getting things for free, but they did not like to pay taxes. After a monsoon, he took this as an opportunity to develop a government reconstruction program. This program made it look like the people on the island were getting the reconstruction for free, but really, the citizens were still paying for the work. Therefore, even though the people thought the reconstruction was free, it truly was not. One recent even that relates to this idea was in an article called, “Everything the Government ‘Gives’ Someone Must Be Taken from Taxpayer Dollars.” This article states that there is no such thing as the government giving something away free for the price of nothing. While the government has over eighty welfare programs to provide individuals free housing, cash, food, and medical care, these programs are not free. Instead, they are funded for by taxpayers. The fourth element in the twelve key elements of economics states, “Trade promotes economic progress.” This element focused on the fact that products are
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