The Main Elements Of The Policy Making Process

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Throughout this course, we have been introduced to many ideas and concepts. All of which are important elements to the policy making process. I believe that it is important to first understand the different elements of the policy making process in order to fully understand the process as a whole. That is why my first take-away lesson is about the political, social, and economic environment of the public policy process. My second take-away lesson has to do with interest groups and the roles they play in the policy making process. My third and final take-away lesson is policy tools. What do the three of these lessons have in common? They all share a single goal on influencing public policy in some way. Throughout this paper I intend to show you just how its done. The Social Environment When it comes to the social element of the policy environment, the nature and configuration of society and its social structure play a big part. Researchers study and analyze the distribution of race, gender, age, etc. This information is easily obtainable through the constitutionally mandated censes that occurs every decade. A vast amount of information has been collected which allows the government to have a firm grasp on certain social trends of the time. This is very important knowledge to have when it comes to policy making. Since 1960, the yearly growth rate in the United States has never gone over its 1961 high of 1.67% (Birkland, 2014). What does this slow growth rate mean? It means
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