The Main Environmental And Emotional Causes And Crisis Intervention Of Teen Suicide Essay

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This paper will discuss the main environmental and emotional causes and crisis intervention of teen suicide based on experimental facts and assessment studies. In today’s society, suicide rates continue to rise amongst teens. In some suicide cases, family and friends are caught completely off guard as signs can be misinterpreted. Why does suicide come as a surprise to family and friends and what can be done to decrease the record high will be one of the points within this paper. Early recognition at the moment of the smallest sign of aberrant behavior is one of the easiest ways to assist a person who has suicidal thoughts. In addition, this paper will investigate the effect that crisis intervention has on teen suicide and how to approach someone who may be experiencing suicidal tendencies.
There are numerous causes for suicide among teens based on emotional tendencies and environmental influence. Teenagers are still vulnerable and impressionable to how the mass media portrays different methods of suicide and reports collected reveal that suicide attempts have increased dramatically (Gould, 2003). This infiltrates the amount of suicide and suicide attempts using the same methods displayed on television. The content in films and news media draws in attention from younger viewers, which can encourage their suicidal ideas or dissuade them from imitating the scheme. When teenagers are exposed to suicidal acts it can ease their anxiety of following through with it. This is a
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