The Main Exogenous ( Fdi ) And Endogenous ( Entrepreneurship ) Policy Prescriptions

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Theme 3

Analyse the main exogenous (FDI) and endogenous (entrepreneurship) policy prescriptions used in economic development policy and identify areas (and potential policies) through which these may be used together to improve economic performance.

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Convergence approaches suggest if there is no intervention in the economy then market forces will ensure that regional disparities will disappear over time. It is an unrealistic assumption in particular regarding to some business sectors which need more regulation.
For this reason in this paper we will examine divergent approaches in more details.
Divergent approaches suggest that regional economic disparities will increase if the market is left alone.
According to divergent approaches is possible to improve regional growth rate using appropriate policy. However is really difficult understanding if changes of the regional growth rate are due to a policy or to other factors.
In this paper we will analyse the main exogenous (FDI) and endogenous (entrepreneurship) policy prescriptions used in economic development.
We will examine what policy makers should know about the environment in order to understand which policy will affect in the best way the regional growth using exogenous and endogenous policy individually and together.

1. The main exogenous (FDI) and endogenous…
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