The Main Factor That Influenced The World Politics

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The main factor that influenced the world politics in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is globalization. For some, globalization is an inevitable process which creates opportunities for people to make connection with each other around the world, communicate and share experiences. It carries political and economic changes which open up unprecedented opportunities for prosperity for all its citizens (Scholte, 2002). For others, globalization is a process of economic, political and cultural domination of the economically and militarily stronger countries over the weaker ones. Driven by corporate interests, it leads to greater inequalities between countries and within countries, undermines local traditions and culture, and…show more content…
The first factor which is generally believed as a driving force to civil war during globalization is income inequality (Reuveny and Li, 2003). Inequality is defined by the fact that one social group acquires special position in society, allowing it to redistribute in their favor disproportionate share of wealth. It has been noted that differentiation in the level of development between the rich and poor has increased in last decades. There is a stratification of the population of the world to those who can benefit from globalization and those to whom they are not available (ibid). For example, salaries in developing countries with open economy much lower than those in developed countries. Developing countries are forced to cut labor salaries to attract foreign investors and multinational corporations. In addition, these corporations always try to avoid local tax policies. As a result of evading paying local taxes foreign companies reduce countries’ revenues which are likely to hurt people with low income more than rich ones. In addition, multinational corporations prefer to use technics and technologies as a labor force rather than workers which lead to the increase of unemployment, as a result of the introduction of
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