The Main Factors That Can Drive Motivation, Using Theories By Abraham Maslow And Frederick Herzberg

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In this essay, I will be discussing the main factors that can drive motivation, using theories by Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg. I have chosen Tesco to display how they motivate their employees in the work setting. Motivation is a key factor that influences the work environment. I will speak about what workers are motivated by, why they keep coming to work and what drives them during work. I will speak about why motivation is important and the internal and external stimuli. I will also talk about the reward system. The last thing I will do is suggest ways in which Tesco can improve the attractiveness of these factors. Motivation can be defined as wanting to do something or achieving a certain result to fulfil a certain need or…show more content…
For example, Tesco gives their employees discounts on whatever product they purchase from any other Tesco shop. They appreciate that staff are unique and have diverse lifestyles outside of work. To this end, Tesco support staff with a work/life balance and offers rewards through flexible working, free or reduced rate health benefits, discount gym membership, competitive salaries, staff discount and company share options. Abraham Maslow brought about the Hierarchy of needs model in 1940-50’s USA, and the Hierarchy of Needs theory is still well founded today for understanding human motivation, management training and personal development. Maslow’s theory was applying to how human beings behave and their needs. He stated that employees are motivated based on satisfying their needs. The following needs are self-actualisation, esteem, social, safety and psychological needs. In relating this philosophy to Tesco, they provide their employees with decent and satisfying salary/wages. They also ensure a comfortable and peaceful working environment, which is essential to make the workers work efficiently. Tesco considers health and safety in the workplace. They provide their employees with fire training drills which falls under health and safety. They also have principles to follow so that their employees work under

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