The Main Features Of Egyptian And Mesopotamian Civilizations

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What advantages does an agriculturally based society have over a hunter/gatherer society?

There are several advantages that an agriculturally based society has over a hunter/gatherer society. An agriculturally based society could have more people in less land because they are creating food from the land, rather than scavenging off an area. In addition, they could build villages with larger and permanent houses. They could also afford to build permanent structures like wells. With agriculture, it was also shown that there was a great increase in population. More people working and producing an excess of food allowed for others to pursue other interests and specializations such as science and metalworking. Overall, agriculturally based societies made it easier to form larger and more advanced societies.

Compare the main features of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. What did the two civilizations have in common as early civilizations? What were their main differences in values and organization? To compare Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, one can look at their organization, academic achievements, and economic styles. In terms of organization, there were many similarities. Both were agriculturally based. In both societies, the leader held divine status. However, differences arise when comparing their academics. Both societies developed mostly equal science and elaborate art. However, Mesopotamia developed a more complex writing system and Egypt…
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