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The purpose of this essay is to find central features of Plato kallipolis justice city. In Republic Plato represent central political thesis which the main central features is Beauty and Goodness, Justice in society and in the individual, and Theory of Forms. ‘Kalli’ means beautiful, also ‘best’, ‘highest’ and ‘polis’ represent as “political entity”. Kallipolis it is an ideal city – state ruled by philosopher king and this political city intended by Plato. In kallipolis city will be justice, as Plato will try to demonstrate concept such as just city-state it might be found in a political entity such as a city. In essay will be represent the allegory of the Cave meaning, which represent social life in the ancient. Plato is unable to tell us…show more content…
Beauty is related to goodness in the Republic which is popular Plato work. Recognition of is as kalon (kallipolis) carries something akin to the sensual pleasure captured by our word beautiful an argument in the Symposium that all these beauties are objects or off spring of love suggest that even when the object in question is an action or is only understandable and not physical (Santas 2006). What is between beauty and justice, Plato maintains that in addition to being able to identify a beautiful person or a beautiful painting. What is the signifance, from the point of view of justice, in learning to love beauty? That is mean, that person with taste of beauty totally will be attracted to interesting of justice? In other words, the beautiful things possible to see, beautiful only because they participate in the more general Form of Beauty and justice is presented as a myth if human are good in myth can consider of justice and the main thing justice and myth are able to be good. Plato’s suggest look at beauty as goodness. Actually is not clear instead of moral education or justice the main point is beauty. According to Santas (2006) experience of beauty is the experience of perfection, we must be careful not to conceive of this in too rational a way. Being Ideal Forms should not to take a beauty such a high criteria for the orders because is not acceptable to see as a perfection form. In Republic…show more content…
Only one thing, the developing individual will come to love beauty and shun ugliness even when are still young and cannot understand the reason for so doing but one will recognize in this Form all that is beautiful. Another image that Plato uses for the educational process is of a plant witch flourishes in the right conditions but withers in adverse ones. Possible to say that beauty is defined by and to the other, is to surround the child with beauty, truth and goodness order to make the growth of growth of these qualities in its developing self. In reality, the world is not always beautiful, it is often ugly; and people are not always virtuous, they are often cowardly, intemperate and injustice. The Theory of Forms are idea of “one over many” it particular instances of justice. Normally it appears to include at least beauty, justice and goodness as a central example in the Republic, some very general nations such as Identity and Differences, Being and non – Being, the one and the Many. Plato ideas could be considered as a sample of the prevailing classical conception. Plato realizes that the general run of humankind can think and speak. The allegory of the cave is supposed to explain this in the allegory; Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All people can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them

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