The Main Features of the Reforms Passed by the Government in the 19th Century that Affected Prisons

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The Main Features of the Reforms Passed by the Government in the 19th Century that Affected Prisons

As we can see from question one prisons needed serious reform. This is because the purpose of prison was to hold people until they were hung or transported therefore no one cared about reforming them. So the purpose of prisons has to change for the conditions to change. This is because if the purpose changes from holding prisoners till death to holding prisoners until there sentence is up people will put more effort into reforming them so the conditions will get better and the way to do this is for people like Elizabeth Fry to implement the changes needed.
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He gave good food, clothing and bedding to prisoners although they received good treatment they were still tret like prisoners. They did not pay for any of these items and the jailer was not to charge the prisoners as he was getting a salary. There were no irons or chains and there main punishments consisted of no visitors at all, and hard labour and probably the worst punishment of all solitary confinement. Each prisoner had their own cell and the chaplain and doctor visited regularly to check on the prisoners and try to reform them through God. The warden had to visit at least once a day to check on the prisoners and exercise them.

Sir George Paul although he only reformed one prison set the way for others to follow in his footsteps and reform other prisons.

Elizabeth Fry was the next reformer who formed an association called the 'Association for the improvement of female prisons at Newgate.' This was an association that fought for the rights of women in prisons.

She wanted the opportunity while women and children were in prison to try to teach them. She also wanted to try to bring the faith of Christianity into their lives in order to try to reform and turn them into better people. She also believed in segregation and women's rights along with female jailors. She wanted this because she wanted to stop disease and
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