The Main Fuctions and Features of The Integumentary System Essay examples

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The integumentary system is a very important part of living. It consists of the skin and its accessory organs – hair, nails, sebaceous, or oil, glands, and the sudoriferous, or sweat, glands. Your skin alone weighs more than six pounds and covers more than three thousand square inches. The skin to me is considered customizable because you can alter it in many different ways. Many people pierce the skin on the ears, face, navel, and genitalia. They also tattoo their skin with permanent ink. The five main functions of the integumentary system are protection, regulation, sensory reception, absorption, and secretion.
The first function of the integumentary system is protection. The skin acts as a protective barrier to the internal …show more content…

This is because there are millions of nerve endings in the skin that act as sensory receptors. There are many different sensations you can experience, including pain, hot, cold, pressure, traction, and many more. Each nerve ending will give you a different sensational experience when the nerve sends the individual impulse to the brain. When the impulse gets in to the cerebral cortex of the brain, your body reacts in the appropriate way. If you experience pain, for example, you might cry. The fourth function of the integumentary system is absorption. The most common use of the absorption factor is through the use of a transdermal patch. A transdermal patch, not to be confused with a dermal patch, is a medicated adhesive patch that is placed on the skin to deliver a certain dose of medication through the skin and in to the bloodstream. An advantage of this method of intake is the dosage intake is controlled by body heat melting away layers of medication embedded in the adhesive bandage, which is a time advantage. A disadvantage is a very effective barrier and sometimes the medication is not absorbed enough to be affective. Transdermal patches are placed on several parts of the body, depending on what treatment you need. Many transdermal medications include a type of birth control contraceptive and a medication that prevents motion sickness. The fifth and final function of the nervous system is secretion. The skin contains millions of sudoriferous glands

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