The Main Functions Of A State 's Constitution

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The constitution is a written document by which the state is run or operated. It is extremely significant as it sets the foundation and provides the fundamental instructions on how the local government and the people ought to function. The four functions of a state’s constitution is to state where the power of political institutions originate from, assign powers, construct a system where checks and balance is put in place within the government, and sets the limits of political power. To sum it up, it “spells out the [state’s] basic political principles and goals, institutional arrangements, modes of selecting public officials, and rights and duties of private citizens.”( Murphy)
The Texas constitution echoes certain ideas from the US constitution. In the Texas constitution, it begins by clearly declaring that political power comes from the people of the states of Texas. The preamble states that the citizens of Texas “do ordain and establish this Constitution.”(Texas Const. art. I) The bill of rights of the Texas constitution reiterates the basic ideas of the freedom in which the US bill of rights does. The constitution also states that the people hold the power in establishing the government of the state, “All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority.”(Texas Const. art.I, sec.2) It goes ahead and delegates powers uniquely to the three departments in the state’s government, legislative, executive, and judicial, in…
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