The Main Functions Of The Business Essay

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Executive Summary:In this business report it will outline the main functions of the business. This will allow for a cohesive understanding of how and where the main operations of the business will take place.It will look at a two year time frame and how the business will survive in the establishment stage of the business.

Taste Of Brazil
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The name of the restaurant represents the location of where the food originates from. The business’s recipes are of Brazilian background.

Vision: The vision of “Taste of Brazil” is to produce high quality Brazilian Churrascarian food to the public. The ultimate vision is to maximise customer satisfaction and never have customer dissatisfaction.

Mission: Quality control of all aspects of the restaurant can increase consumer satisfaction, areas that need to be controlled include:
Chef experience
Waiting staff experience
Quality of food
Clean and well furnished restaurant
Best price for consumers
Variety of foods
Variety of beverages, many of those being from Brazilian manufacture

Through all these different ways we can maximise the satisfaction of each individual. By increasing satisfaction we will access a higher customer base allowing for maximum profitability of the restaurant.

Description of Business: “Taste Of Brazil” will primarily focus on the serving of Brazilian food. The business will operate with an all you can eat type style of food. The all you can eat will be primary focus although having another side menu
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