The Main Functions Of The Constitution

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The Constitution has three major functions. The first function is that it creates the national government which includes the checks and balances it balances out the three branches of government to make sure one does not over power the other, those three branches include; the legislative, the executive and the judicial branch. The second function of the constitution is to divide the power between the federal and the state government making sure each side gets to have a say but to also be sure one does not over power the other. The last function of the constitution is that it protects the individual rights of American citizens. The government is divided into three branches, the executive branch is the branch that is invested in the president and the president carries out federal laws and recommend new ones, the legislative branch is given to the congress which includes the house of representatives and the senate both working on making the laws, and the judicial branch is involved with the supreme court to interpret the laws and deciding case involving states rights. The way the checks and balances work is they have a system of what every branch does and their powers. Congress passes the laws but the President has the right to veto them, the executive branch deals with criminal cases and the courts must try them, the president appoints federal judges but the Senate has to confirm them. The division of federal and state power is called federalism. The federal government has
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