The Main Goals Of American Foreign Policy

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Outline the main goals of American foreign policy. Discuss each goal in detail, and give examples the steps we have taken to achieve these goals in the past.
The main goals of American foreign policy are security, economic prosperity, and to make the world a better place. One of the highest priorities that the U.S partakes in is providing it citizens with a sense of security. In the field of security there are three main positions and policies that can be enacted. A policy of appeasement which in war is avoided by giving in to the hostile powers demands. A policy of preventive war or preemption in which a nation strikes first when a country fears another nation might retaliate against them, and a policy of deterrence which is sort of a mixture of appeasement and preemption in which foreign attacks are discouraged by maintaining an elevated level of military strength. security means being concerned with the actions of other nations and non-state actors. In the past and present the United States in order to prevent or eliminate attacks on the U.S we have developed vast military power and intelligence gathering mechanisms and organizations such as the CIA, FBI, and Homeland security. When preoccupied with security policy makers must protect the transportation infrastructure, maintain a constant food supply and protect the energy supply and maintain cyber security. During the early years of the U.S isolationism was used to protect the U.S, but technology has advanced and
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