The Main Goals Of American Participation During World War One

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Despite Wilson’s best efforts to stay neutral during World War One, he was was not able to accomplish that task. Entering the war was not going to be a fruitless endeavor, however. The main goals of American participation during World War One was to protect freedom and democracy, and to spread it to the other countries of the world, to help ensure financial stability, and to protect the ships that the German U-Boats were destroying. Wilson’s 14 points helped to reflect the goals of freedom and democracy by generally pushing for a more peaceful world. One of the main reasons for the 14 points existence was to share Wilson’s postwar hope for the world. In the fourteen points, he also lays out a proposition for freedom of the seas. This…show more content…
Second, another goal of American participation in the war was to ensure financial security. A great number of businessmen from the U.S loaned money out to Great Britain and France with the interest of helping the Allies succeed. Their total contribution was around three billion dollars, all of this was loans, however. The U.S realized that if the allies didn’t win the war against the axis powers, the likelihood of the loans being repaid to the businessmen was fairly slim. The ‘Preparedness Movement’ arose out of this concern, which stated that the U.S should enter the war and support the Allies in order to better ensure their victory. As long as the allies won, the loans would most likely be repaid. A final goal for American participation in the war was to stop unrestricted submarine warfare, which was damaging American ships and crippling the shipping industry. Protecting American shipping was a pretty major goal in entering the war. On January 9, 1917, Germany announced that it would start using unrestricted submarine warfare. The reason for Germany doing this was desperation. They

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