The Main Health Issues Of John Ryan

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This essay critically examines the main health issues of John Ryan. Recent referral from a health care team have heightened the need for John Ryan to the community nurse to do a home visit for an initial assessment and review. So, as my first visit to John as a community health nurse it is my role to integrate several nursing skills which includes assessements, carry out direct care, educate John, encourage health improvements and work together with other health care professionals to advance health. (reference here). This essay has been divided into four parts. The first part gives a brief overview of the current health history of John Ryan focusing particularly on the most current issues of his deteriorating health. The second part focuses and discuss on the priorities that will need to undertake as part of the initial home visit which include assessments, and therapeutic interventions, followed by the rationale reason of the mentioned priorities. After examining the priorities of the visit, the third part of this essay will critically evaluate a range of management strategy for goal of care for John.

John Ryan has a history of chronic back pain correlated to spinal stenosis which was diagnosed in his early forties and has been experiencing constant significant pain in his lower back and hip. Spinal stenosis is considered one common cause of back pain in older adults and normally have an effect on lower lumber spine. Resulting density on the nerve formations which
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