The Main Idea Of The Article The Aquinas Inquiry, Is To

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The main idea of the article The Aquinas Inquiry, is to explain or kind of conclude what a medieval philosophers panel would look like and how they would feel about the invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair’s decisions, and Saddam Hussein and determine the reasons. “The members of the ‘Aquinas Inquiry’ have already developed a set of six criteria which should be met in order for any war to be considered just.” The set of criteria will be used in this article to determine whether or not Tony Blair had just cause. The author of this article list some of the people he thinks should be on the panel to determine whether Tony Blair met the criteria for just cause for invading Iraq or not this list includes: St Thomas Aquinas, Christine de Pisan,…show more content…
Iraq had not done this”. The article suggests that Blair could’ve argued that he did it because of 9/11 but without the evidence it could not be proven and he would not have just cause, but the panel could take it into consideration if Y harmed Y’s own people as being just cause. “Likely outcome: The panel initially divides evenly. After a stormy two-hour meeting with Alastair Campbell in closed session, Christine de Pisan leaves in tears and the panel votes 3-0 that Tony Blair did have Just Cause”. The third on the list is ‘Right Intentions’ meaning that there was nothing to gain out of this, it wasn’t for personal reasons, and going into this there was good intentions. “The panel members are on record as believing that the aim of any war must be the achievement of peace and of the just cause -not revenge, the desire for plunder or the suffering of destruction of the people on the other side”. Due to the fact that Tony did not gain anything nor was there evidence to prove self-intentions he had to have the right intentions. “Likely outcome: In the absence of any evidence of self-interested motives, the panel would probably vote that Tony Blair must’ve had the right intentions”. The fourth on the list is ‘Proportionality’ meaning the good had to outweigh the bad. “Some of the Aquinas panelists have claimed that for any war to be just, the anticipated good must outweigh the evil likely to be caused. The actual

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