The Main Idea Reformation Of Jews

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The main idea was Reformation of Germans Christians nobility. The important point, words, sentences in were: Gods grace and power was the only thing that could deliver people from distress and oppression. Secondly people cried for deliverance from suffering. Third was to sincere trust in God. “There is no king saved by multitudes of an host” [Luther 301]. Fourth, we must humbly fear God. Many Germanys emperors were shamefully oppressed and trodden Popes. Fifth, Romanist with great adroitness had built three walls. Sixth, King and Princes were intimidated make them believe it would be an offence against God not to obey them in all these knavish, crafty deceptions. Seventh, It is pure inventions that Pope, Bishops, Priest, and monks are to be called the “spiritual estate”; princes, lord artisans, and famers the “temporal estate.” That indeed a fine bit of lying and hypocrisy. Yet no one should be frightened by it; and for this reason-viz., that all Christians are truly of “spiritual estate”; and there is among them no difference at all but that of office , as Paul says in 1 Corinthians xii, “we are all one body yet every member has its own work, whereby it serves every other, all because we have one baptism, one Gospel, one faith, and are all alike Christians”; [Luther 302] for baptism, Gospel and faith alone makes us “spiritual” and a Christian people. Lastly according to St. Paul teaching that all Christians shall be taught of God. “ If to anyone something better is…
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