The Main Ingredient For A Wellness Recipe

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People from around the world, different ages and ethnicity, no matter of their social status, want to be healthy. Being healthy means being happy. The main ingredient for a wellness recipe starts from the foods and drinks that people consume every single day of their lives. Yet, not all the food can be assumed as a source of energy for peoples ' healthfulness. Nowadays, scientific progression experiments have made a revolutionary step into an unbelievable and kind of nitty-gritty discovery, which was released to the public as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Although, the basic information and the description of what GMOs are and what the specificity of it is, was not accompanied with the mass-presented GMOs food. According to a book, Genes on the Menu: Facts for Knowledge-Bases Decisions written by author Paul Pechan, the basic facts and introduction of GMOs was described. Pechan stated, "A genetic engineering procedure where a gene from one, sometimes unrelated, organism is transferred to another…", which is how Genetically Modified Organisms occurred in the actual world (3). Along with this statement, it was specified that by making such modifications, it "…can give a plant a new property, like resistance to insects or virus attack and tolerance to herbicides" and that was a particularity of GMO crops (Pechan 3). Although GMOs crops were extensively released for public use, people have to know and be informed of what the hidden truth is behind the GMOs. The
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