The Main Key Ideas Of Socrates Concern With The Betterment Of The Soul

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Introduction and Background:
The purpose behind this thesis is to identify the main key ideas of Socrates concern with the betterment of the Soul. Highlighting the word ‘Psyche’ as the soul which is immortal or imperishable. Defining Soul as the main identity of a person, it is what defines a person, his acts and his mindset. He added that every soul has happiness in it but not all choose to obtain it, not all the Souls take advantage of it. Those souls that are wise and are truly happy, lead a genuine life containing happiness. While the inverse, those who are not happy lead a life concerning the material possessions and involving themselves in materialistic pleasure resulting in to dissatisfaction and ego in their personalities. This makes these souls corrupt and diseased. Socrates; The Physician of the Soul believed that people make choices either good or bad, they are unaware of how to choose to live in happiness and fulfillment.
Socrates believes that betterment of the soul is main concern in philosophy and his core teachings are the foundation for improvement for us.
Key Ideas or Theory:
In this chapter betterment of soul is further elaborated in the following key points;
Plato was credited with the quote “An unexamined life is not worth living”. It does, indeed, come from Plato's Apology. The ideal of the examined life is noble. It sounds unobjectionable: an encouragement to be fully human, to use our highly developed faculty of thought to raise our existence above

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