The Main Objective Of The Private Sector

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The main objective of the private sector is to earn profits and become a leading organization in their line of business. To enhance this objective, most of the private sectors have embraced technological advancements where a business is operated online. E-business is one of the current advancements where a business can advertise, market and make sales through the Internet. The business has to share its information online to attract a large pool of potential customers. Most of the business websites operate on intranets and extranets. Customers can only gain access to business information through the extranet. Authorized users can access most of the crucial and confidential information of a business through the intranet via an encrypted…show more content…
The main aim of going online was to expand its market niche by penetrating the international market, thus increasing sales and profits (Gordon, Loeb, Lucyshyn & Sohail, 2006). From Amazon’s official website, it is evident that customers have various tastes, preferences, and experiences according to diverse products that have been posted. Amazon is using the Big Data about its consumers, in order to build better relationships. Through Big Data, Amazon can identify recent consumer trends, improve on new product planning, marketing guidance, and evolve new brands (Madden, 2012). Although customers and consumers’ Big Data is important for communication between the business and its customers, there are some instances where the Big Data may not be good for the consumers and their information. For instance, a customer called Amazon’s customer care after his Kindle malfunctioned (Cavelty, 2007). Within 30 seconds, he received a call from Amazon’s customer care desk and the representative greeted him by name. His problem was resolved immediately. It is evident that Amazon had all information about the customer. However, in the event that their website is hacked, customer information is at risk. 3 Dangers of gathering metadata Gathering of metadata by the business may pose a threat to the customers, particularly when transacting online. The opportunity gives hackers a chance to acquire confidential
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