The Main Problems Facing Art Students ' Through Feedback Obtained Through Questionnaires, Interviews And Sales Data

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3. Research Design and Methodology This chapter discussed and described the research methods; it will pay close attention to the different procedures and techniques which are used from this research. The research method includes the philosophy, method, design, sampling and data collection process, as well as showing the right direction and the results achieved. And the research strategy will use the data acquisition and analysis qualitative data collected during the research. Then, the results will describe the actual sales data. It also will assess the reliability of the study and summarise its limits. 3.1 Research Purpose The purpose of this research is to analyse and assess the main problems facing art students’ through feedback…show more content…
It includes interviews, discussions, questionnaires, observation, reflection notes and various text pictures, and other required materials. After all the information is gathered, consolidation and analysis will be carried out, on the integration of data, as valuable materials, can increase the credibility and professionalism of this study. 3.4 Research Strategy The research strategy plans to use qualitative data collection methods to separately extracted data from four different research methods. It includes an interview with 10 art students, 30 random samples of questionnaires with consumers and arts practitioners. These data will be analysed to uncover the issues facing art students as customers and consumers. Both sales data will be analysed to contribute to the operation and possible problems which students may face in the actual operation of the market, as well as to discuss their sales model. 3.5 Data Collection and Analysis This chapter describes and summaries the data and the analysis of the data. It also describes the characteristics observed in focus groups of this researchers. 3.5.1 Observation Many young students or designers are often attracted by the surface charm and fun of the fashion industry, and then they become eager to start up their own fashion business. As they hear of some talented students embarking on a journey of fame and fortune from art school after graduation they attempt the same. However, few

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