The Main Reason The American Revolution Was Caused Was

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The main reason the American Revolution was caused was because the tax of the colonists by the British, in which led the end of the seven-year war of the French and Indian. This issue was more engaged in the North more than the South because of their politician differences. The people that were business leaders, politicians, etc, did not like the situation that was going on they had their particular economy and political interests in enlightenment just to get people the big masses, the war was freedom and release from tyranny. The British people were looking at it as the colonies were not paying what they were suppose to, also maintain the empire. They were treating the American to control them not as partners in their…show more content…
Everything built up and eventually that was going to happen. Also, Americans did not want to go to war, they wanted England to go back to their expedient disregard. They did mind their own business, also they liked the protection of England. What they did not agree to was the taxes and the unsupportable acts that they did. Even though the revolution did start not everyone supported it. The Sons of Liberty were a secret group. They did start the Boston Tea Party; the sons threw the tea into the Boston Harbor. They did that because they refused the taxes that the British people gave to them. The sons of the Liberty liked to start nonsense with their brainwashing information which caused an uproar to a lot of things as well. They wanted to be free of Britain because they did not think that these taxes were fair. There also was a protest to the Stamp Act as well. The reason they did that was because the British were making people pay taxes on their paper that they used. Were they wrong for taking a stand and doing what they did? Some people might think yes, and some might say no. I would say that they obviously were being taxed on nonsense things because the British Empire was being extremely unfair. The Declaration of Independence was written because the thirteen colonies wanted to be Independent from Great Britain. They also put charges against the crown Parliament for wrong misbehavior against the colonists. This
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