Essay on The Main Revolutionary Event Of 1789

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The main revolutionary event of 1789
Answer the both sub- questions:
(a) Study sources B, C. Compare these sources as evidence for the unrest in French provinces in the summer of 1789
(b) Study all the sources. Use your own knowledge to assess how far the sources support the interpretation that the main motive for revolutionary activity in 1789 was economic.
Source A: A leading politician of the Third Estate responds to the instruction of Louis XVI for the representatives in the Estates General to disperse, and stresses their political responsibility.
Let us ask ourselves what purpose brought us from every part of France to the Estates General. We are the people’s envoys, let us stay and fulfil our mission with courage. We swore an oath
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An engaged mob broke into the palace. Late in the morning of 6 October the King announced that he would go with crowds to Paris. William Doyle, The Oxford History of the French Revolution, 1989

In the 18th century, the high level of taxation exhausted the majority of the Third Estate representatives; and famine caused more increased prices for the bread. All this effects caused an utter discontent of poor peasants. The fact that they had to carry all the burden of taxes and high- ranked society whims, made them detest the authority and its‘ representatives. Both in towns and in countryside the feudal rights still existed as they were attached to property. Registrar manager and the governor of the province represented the authority in towns. The attorneys and advocates supported them, which consequently, meant that the town was in hands of five or six families and a good deal of the revenues was shared among those families.
The fact of the unequal distribution of taxes, which was fully charged from working class at the same time exempted the nobility and clergy, who already had many different privileges, only excited the anger of peasants.
The beginning of the Great French Revolution started with Great Fear, which occurred between July, 13th and August, 3rd in 1789. The rumour of aristocrat “famine plot”, engaged to starve the nation in order to reduce the population, pushed poor peasants to self-defence and then to
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