The Main Street USA Zone: A Disney Theme Park

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Introduction A basic of Disney theme park is the Main Street USA zone. This section features highly in all of the parks, usually coming right after the entrance. Key services like Guest Relations are located in this section, inside the "City Hall" (HK Disney Source, 2014) . There are a number of elements of the Main Street USA exhibit, and these will be discussed along with the history of Main Street USA in this paper. In particular, how the different elements of Main Street USA work together are covered. The concept has proven to be ultimate, even across cultures, because of its magical portrayal of idealized American life, which draws heavily on Walt Disney's own childhood experiences.
Main Street USA is a prominent street within the famous Disneyland Park and which was influenced by Walt Disney’s hometown in Marceline Missouri. This Main Street is almost presented as a dollhouse. In the very beginning, Main Street USA was just made up of few attractions like the railroads and the Main Street vehicles hub, which added to the sense of realism in the park, making it seem more like a dynamic area full of progress and forward motion. Later on in the 1970s, the theme of Disney, and Disney the brand were added to the Main Street area, creating an overall ‘Dineyfication’ of it. This made Main Street into a type of multidimensional gift shop for the entire amusement park. Now days, it seems less like a charming town and more like a bustling and busy miniature city.

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