The Main Tents Of Ethical Leadership Essay

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The main tents of ethical leadership in public service is for leaders to be transparent, accountable, and professional to have a successful organization. Committed leaders will exemplify professionalism for followers and possessing the motivation to achieve organizational goals. Naturally, to be professional is to comprehend the significance of roles and performance in public service. Accountability is important to the functionality of a public organization. And transparency in public administration is needed to be sure the public has information handy (Haq, 2011).
Leaders possess certain skills to distinguish between ethical and unethical acts. Technical, conceptual, interpersonal skills along with emotional and social intelligence contribute to proper understanding of ethical dilemmas, ethical decision making and dissemination and establishment of ethical values. When developed these skills can show leader how to strive for greater ethics oriented in public service (Haq, 2011).
LaTisha feels possessing technical skills help a leader to become more efficient and responsive. Therefore, making them informative about rules and regulations that helps to create rule of law, accountability and transparency. It is less likely that unethical behavior would be a factor. In addition, conceptual skills support the leaders in effective planning, organizing and problem solving. These skills are extremely beneficial in the event of ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest. These
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