The Main Theme of the Story Sister Imelda

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In Sister Imelda there are many themes that could be presented as the “main theme” of the story, however, there is one point that stands above the rest. The main problem a reader has to address in Sister Imelda is whether or not Imelda is truly dedicated to her vocation as a sister or if she simply could never adapt to life outside the convent. This contributes to the main point of the story being the lack of conviction Imelda has for her vocation. At the beginning of the story Imelda has just returned from some time spent outside the convent and the fact that she has returned surprises the narrator, who cannot imagine living out the rest of her existence in the convent. In fact, the narrator hates the convent and talks to her…show more content…
After all this analysis, it becomes clearer and clearer that Imelda’s true dedications lie in her desire to control her little world and the people within it, rather than in her conviction for her vocation to religious life. Therefore, it is safe to say that Imelda has little conviction for her vocation because of her relationship with the

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