The Maine Ranked Choice Voting Initiative

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The Maine Ranked Choice Voting Initiative The possibility of a better voter preference representation This article is part of my series on Considerations and Ideas for Improving Government and Civil Society, and constitutes its second article. Now that this series of articles has begun, this detail focused article will look at the matter of Maine’s Ranked Choice Voting Initiative. On the November 2016 ballot, the citizens of Maine will be voting on an initiative on whether to establish ranked choice voting for statewide offices and federal representation. This issue involves matters of how to best establishing systems of voting to reflect the voter’s will, to give a fair enabling of candidate options, and to produce electoral results which are constructive and produce broadly acceptable winners. To see what implications this issue may have for these matters, it will be looked at. The state of Maine, will hold a vote on whether to have ranked choice voting implemented for the positions of U.S. senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Governor, State Senate, and State House Representatives. Ranked Choice Voting is a form of voting in which voters rank the order of their preference for candidates, and a series of run offs pick the most preferred candidate. This is different from the most typical form of voting in the U.S., where each voter votes for a single candidate and the largest recipient of votes wins. In the form of ranked choice voting proposed in this initiative, voters

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