The Mainstream Media And Gender Inequality Essay

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Sara Staffen WRT 105 Assignment #3- The mainstream media is one of the most popular, prominent ways people get their information about social issues, government action, and the general knowledge about what is happening in the world. A topic that has received a quite a large amount of media coverage in history, throughout the years, and currently, is gender inequality. Specifically, the issue of women being stereotyped into traditional “home” roles and not being able to join the work force or, rather, being pressured not to attempt to join. This particular issue has definitely lost much of its ammunition with the breaking of traditional gender roles in the past few decades, the successes of women’s movements and the overall national attitudes. However, not all of the stereotypes have been destroyed, and while women have entered the workforce, they are still being paid less than men for the same work. The lingering inequality of the past and the pay gap are huge issues covered by mainstream media in mostly constructive ways, and it should be receiving much more attention than it has in the past. The first source I came across was from the United States News and World Report official website, and this article takes a strong, argumentative stand. “Confront Sexism in Child Care” by Sara Mead discusses the reality of the pay gap, and how it is especially upsetting when it comes to early childhood education and caretakers. She begins the report by talking about the gross underpay
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