The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur Housekeeping Department

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Researched, analysed, and evaluated a specific system of operations of a hotel department

The role of System Operation are plays as a very important function in a hotel in order to run the operation system of the hotel for planning, coordinating and controlling the resources and then it will be more easy to manage. In every hotel, they have their own specific operation system. So that for this assignment, I would like to choose The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur housekeeping department. The function of Housekeeping department is that to keep the venue cleaning and sanity. So that the system operation’s impact on the housekeeping department cannot be underrate in order to scheduling and planning which rooms must be cleaned, assign the tasks and check the work. (Robert C, 2012, pg1)

Provided a detailed discussion on the specific system of operations chosen.
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To maintain the cleanliness standard of the rooms, they will go through the hospital information system (HIS) by using the system operation in order to checking all the room status which room must be cleaned. Besides, if the facilities of the rooms need to repair, the housekeeping department will go through the environment management system (EMS) by using the operation system and inform the maintenance department to repairs. The housekeeping department also need to provide the clean environment work place to staff in order to increase the efficient of the organization. Therefore, the housekeeping department are plays as a very important role to the hotel that can maintain between to the guests and staff. (Robert C, 2012,

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