The Majestic Mammal

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It took about five to six years for a Woolly Mammoth Calf to wean from a mother (as cited in “Columbian Mammoth & Channel Island Mammoth”). Mammoths were interesting creatures. They roamed the earth for thousands of years. They even survived one of the greatest ice ages in Earth’s history. There were many different kinds of mammoths that evolved, and eventually, went extinct. When one studies the genus of mammuthus, they might want to look at interesting facts, the different species, how they evolved with their surroundings, and the theories of their extinction.
First, mammoths were an interesting animal. They lived all over the world. At the beginning, they lived in Eurasia and Africa, but as time went on, they moved over to North America (“About Mammoths”). Mammoths even roamed the earth from five million to four thousand years ago (“Mammoth’s Info”). During the ice age, it took the average woolly mammoth calf about five or six years to wean, and this showed that the cold conditions were tough for the young mammals (as cited in “Columbian Mammoth & Channel Island Mammoth”). Also, woolly mammoths weren’t the only “woolly” creatures during this time. There were also a species called the woolly rhinoceroses that existed around the same time (“10 Fascinating Facts about Woolly Mammoths”). African elephants aren’t even that much smaller than woolly mammoths like many people are lead to believe. The average male woolly mammoth was only about nine to eleven feet

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