The Major Causes And Effects Of Life Without Cell Phones

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It is very hard to imagine life without cell phones. “The mobile device has become our communications hub, our diary, our entertainment portal, our primary source of media consumption, our wallet, and our gateway to real-time information tailored to our needs. The revolution is now!” (Nihal Mehta, Eniac Ventures). In the past, people invented the telephone to make distances became closer between each other. Everyone was in need for this invention, so scientists developed the old telephone to the cell phone. Martin Cooper is the first inventor of the mobile phone in 1973. Because of the development of modern technology, cell phones are not only used for calling, but also for texting, working, playing, surfing the internet, and many other things. Because of these features, the use of cell phone has become increasing. Cell phones have changed life to become easier for people and they have many causes to use them daily, such as informing about emergency situations, keeping in touch with people, and managing their work. One of the major causes for using mobile phones is to inform about emergency situations. Every day different situations in one’s life happen, for example, a robbery, an accident, or a loss. These situations may be the cause for losing many of people’s lives. Moreover, if there is a company or a residential area burning, the first thing that anyone can think of is calling the fire station. This will save hundreds of peoples’ lives. In addition, if there are thieves in a bank and one sees them outside the bank, this person will call the police by using a mobile phone. In this way, it will be very easy for police to interfere in the situation quickly. Furthermore, almost 1.4 million car accidents happen every year. Most of these accidents have profound consequences due to the speed, but if there is anyone calls emergency cases, the results will be less dangerous. Using the mobile phone wisely will help and save many situations and lives. In addition to informing the emergency situations, keeping in touch with people is another reason for using the cell phone. “My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world” (Carrie Underwood). Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone even the

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