The Major Causes Of Air Pollution In South Asia

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South Asia contains 1.7 billion people. Imagine that the place you live can quite possibly kill you because of all of the pollution and health issues. Having to drink unsafe water, getting infections from mosquitoes, and not enough food does not sound like a fun time to me. This part of the continent contains 44% of the world’s poor. This part of the continent has many issues. The issues are pollution, poverty, population, and the health concern. The quality and cleanliness of things are not very good there, which leads to the hundreds of diseases that are started and spread. It also leads to deaths. Imagine every time you breathed that you are inhaling toxic particles that can damage your body, Pollution in South Asia is one of the main causes of death. Each year 2.4 million people die due to this issue. Every single day 25 million people inhale unsafe particles. If you breath in the kind of particles that are in the air it can lead to lower respiratory infections, heart diseases, lung diseases, and cancer. According to Yale Date Driven, “In 2013, more than 20,000 premature deaths were blamed on the country’s foul air” (Yale). According to Triple Pundit, “The burning of fossil fuels, biomass, as well as diesel transportation, factories, power plants, and dust are the cause of air pollution” (Vijayaraghavan). India lacks water treatment, which causes the water to get polluted by sewage. That same water is used for the farmers irrigation. The poor water quality causes
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