The Major Economic Problems That Have Plagued Latin America

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1. What are the major economic problems that have plagued Latin America in the 20th century?
During the 20th century Latin America went through a change after the U.S made the clam to directly defend Latin America. This caused a sudden trade switch from the Europe nation to the U.S. With this trade switch we start to see a big gap between the lower and upper class. With this gap the poor gets poorer and the rich become Carlos Slim. Carlos Slim was the world’s richest person form 2010-2013 and is a perfect example of how the upper class becomes billionaires. The wealth Disparity can also be seen in areas like Sao Paulo, Brazil with their slums. With this wage gap, crime started to flourish in Latin amerce along with corruption. Some of the
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Many ancient civilizations used the coca leaf as a way to build most of the ancient moments. The coca plant was as much a part of ancient societies as worship their gods. Much later in the 20th century Colombia and other country took the idea of the coca leaf. Mexicans/Colombian cartels have had a long history of smuggling heroin, marijuana, and cocaine since the start of the 20th century. Within the 1980’s Mexico becomes a main focus of transporting cocaine for the Columbian cartels.
4. What have been the biggest challenges to the dominance of Catholicism in Latin America during the 20th century? Be sure to explain why these challenges arose.
The Catholicism in the 20th century major opponent was the Atheist president Plutarco Calles. Calles had laws against the Catholic Church witched raged form Prohibited priests from wearing clerical garb in public, Expelled all foreign priests, and the closing of Catholic school while also seizing land that belong to the Catholic Church. The Cristero movement was an armed force of 50,000 guerilla fighters witched caused about 90,000 deaths. The Cristero movement was focused on the persecution of Catholics immigrated to the USA.

5. What is Peronism and what effects did it have in Argentina? The Peronism also know, as Justicialism is an Argentine political movement form the mind of former president Juan Domingo Peron. Senses the start of Peronism 9 out of 12 presidential candidates have been Peronist. Peronist are known for
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