The Major Elements Of Science And Religion

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The third elements shows science and religion both are important to life is Pi 's parents. Parents are essential to a person 's existence. The combination of sperm and egg is the starts of a life. Without any of them, no life can be created. In Life of Pi, Pi 's parents respectively represent religion and science. Pi 's mother represents religion and faith. She is from a Hinduism family (Martel, Life of Pi 47). Her father is a clergy of Hinduism. She is nurtured under a complete religious environment. She is the one who passes the faith to Pi. She brings Pi to religion ceremony (Martel, Life of Pi 47), supports Pi 's interest in different religion, and stands out for Pi when Pi 's father is laughing at Pi for he has three religions ((Martel, Life of Pi 74-76). On the other hand, Pi 's father represents science and reason. He is the owner of zoo. He knows well about zoology. He supports science and look down the religion. He thought it is waste time on learning about God. He wants Pi to focus on the reality. Pi feels discourage from his father 's reaction on his religion choice. However, undeniably Pi is also affected by the zoology knowledge from his father. In this sense, Pi 's parents not only give birth to him, but also give the two characteristic, reasons and faith, which help Pi survive to him. The author shows the importance of both science and religion from the characteristic of Pi 's parents. The fourth elements shows science and religion both are important to…
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