The Major Experiences And Patterns Of Interaction

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The major experiences and patterns of interaction in my family include family strengths, substance and alcohol abuse, parent child relations, physical and mental disorders (Gehart, 2014, p. 239). The strengths of my family are: strong independent individuals who despite their medical and mental drawbacks are able to fight against these issues. The genogram showed alcohol and substance abuse on just my paternal side, however if you go back one more generation on my maternal side there would be more alcohol abuse. My dad and his brothers began drinking at a young age after their parents divorced. When my grandfather had the boys he would leave a case of beer to babysit while he went to the bar. As the boys grew up they continued to drink and…show more content…
Diversity issues that affect the family dynamics are gender, race, and economic status. In the older generations such as my grandparents women took a quieter role in the family. Both of my grandmothers followed the rules that my grandfather’s/step-grandfather set. However the next generation such as my mother was a force to be reckoned with. She did not follow rules that her husband or society set, she did things her way. I myself am like my mother and believe that women have a say in what they want not just out of their lives but also their relationships. My family is white American, and my grandparents are all born in America. From their generation to mine we have not had to deal with immigration or other issues with people who are not born in America. Also being white we have not had the hardships of others that are not white. Most of my family started in lower working class and either stayed there or moved up into higher working class. Depending on what was going on in their lives my family lived mostly in the middle working class. There were times when things would get tough and someone was unemployed or had too many medical bills causing them to lower their economic status. Other times someone would get a job that pays well and are able to retire comfortably.
A triangle is when two people pull in another person in order for equilibrium. This happens to everyone and is a natural system (Gehart,
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