The Major Functions Of Schooling Is Socialization

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One of the major functions of schooling is socialization. Socialization encourages habits, attitudes, and practices, and in turn, it contributes to the community, religion or nation. I think that these initial socialization skills are set up in elementary school. These are the formative years and the more important ones when it comes to socialization. We are plucked from our family where we have learned to relate and socialize with them, and are thrown into a different world that we must adapt to. We are required to learn that other grown-ups are the authority and that we need to respect them. That respect comes from being taught to keep quiet, waiting our turn to speak, and that we must follow the rules that have been laid out for us. But socialization becomes very different when we enter high school. We learn where our place is in society and what groups we fit into. In high school, I learned that I was poor. I came to understand that I do not fit in with the rich students because I did not wear the same clothes as them or come from the same neighborhood as they did. I also learned that when I valued my education and my schooling, I was considered an outcast from the hierarchy because the dominant groups were more concerned with socialization and not grades. I also learned that I had a place in society as a female and that I should stick with roles that a typical female should do. At the time, these were becoming a secretary or even just becoming a homemaker. Another
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